When I created this blog it was supposed to be about the daydreams that most resonated with my self.

Recently, I’ve been attending a comparative religion class, and I find myself admiring the goal of Buddhism, but disagreeing with it’s basic precept.  I am a flawed vessel, therefore the idea that suffering should end seems wrong.  If I had to break it down into similar thoughts, perhaps it would resemble this:

Suffering Exists

To Inspire the Weak

To Discard their Weaknesses

And Focus on their Strengths

Maybe I need to think a bit more this…



She had to escape, get away, something…ah here.  She opens the gate and enters a new world.  Just light and dark, a cityscape filled with people, but not her concern.  Just a pocket, really.  How about here?  She cuts a hole in reality, sticks her head out, gets her bearings and begins to leave.  She feels it then.  Someone entered the gate behind her.  Not her concern.  This time she closes the hole carefully, after leaving the pocket behind.